The Lya House Rules

Dear Guest,
Thank you for choosing Chill out lya for your Istanbul visit. In order to ensure that you have an enjoyable and problem free stay we ask you to follow these rules.

● No aggressive or anti social behavior.
● Our hostel is for sleep not partying, we have a bar downstairs for your enjoyment.
● Please be considerate of our other guests. Place all rubbish in bins.
● The use of any drugs, weed is strictly forbidden. Lya hostel is totally non smoking.
● No glasses or bottles are allowed upstairs. This is a safety rule to prevent injury from broken glass.
● Please keep all food in lockers not on floor to avoid mice. All directions given by Lya staff must be followed.
● The chill out Lya has an age limit of 18-55

Istanbul is great city and we’re sure you’ll have a great time here but please make sure that you follow these rules as we will check out anyone that doesn’t follow them and that we will involve the police ıf necessary.

Thanks for taking the time to read this information, we hope you enjoy your visit.

Please note that Chill out Lya does not have an elevator, so expect traditional stairs.

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