From Istanbul airport:

The shuttle bus will take you to Taksim for 16TYL. It is the last stop on the route. Shuttles depart every half hour and working 24h. The trip should take around 1:30 minutes depending on traffic. From Taksim, follow the directions below.

From the train station:

There is a tram line directly in front of the train station. Buy a token (2.50TYL) at one of the food kiosks and board the tram going to the Right towards KABATAS. Ride it to the end of the line. When you get off at KABATAS follow the signs across the street to the Funicular and go underground. Buy another token (2.50TYL) and ride the funicular to Taksim Square, then follow the directions below.

From Taksim square:

1) Directly in front of the stairway exiting the Funicular you will see a small grassy park with a monument in the center. Cross the street towards the monument, and then follow the tram lines to the LEFT towards the Burger King that sits on ISTIKLAL Street. (Istiklal is a large and busy shopping street that is usually packed with pedestrians at almost any time of day or night.)
2) Walk down ISTIKLAL for approximately 5 minutes until you arrive at at ATIF YILMAZ. The Aga Camii mosque sits on your right, and you on your left.
3)Turn RIGHT onto ATIF YILMAZ and walk approximately 1 minute until you left side on KUCUK BAYRAM.
4) Turn LEFT onto KUCUK BAYRAM. (It is the first street you can take to the left)
5) Turn RIGHT onto TOPRAK LULE and you will see Chillout Lya immediately on your left at Number 1.
Check-in is at the bar downstairs*

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